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Getting Started with Halokeys Docs

Halokeys products come with documentation that allows you to fully utilize your product and get started easily.

These documents reference every product available in Halokeys' active library. Use our reference to setup your device properly and follow best practices. To suggest any changes with documentation, contact us. You can use our markdown editor in our contact form to format updates.

Documentation Elements

Halokeys documentation uses many recognizable elements:
  1. Group Headers. Our intuitive side bar features group headers that can direct you to any group and highlight whenever you reach a specific group.

  2. Code Blocks. You can easily recognize and copy code blocks, which come with syntax-highlighting.

    Big Code Blocks:


    Example Code Block Copy

    /* Example CSS Code */ div { color: white; }

    Mini Code Blocks:

                            <div>One line Code Block</div>
  3. Notes. You'll see important information highlighted in notes

    Text would be placed here.
  4. Light and Dark Mode. Use our theme toggle to switch between light and dark mode.

  5. Customize CSS. You can use our advanced CSS customizer to add your own CSS by pressing Control + Shift + S on any page. Try using different fonts or colors to make the docs more readable. You can use any font available in the google fonts library. To add it, create a CSS variable with the name: --add-font.


    Font Customize Example Copy

    /* Example Font */ :root { --add-font: "Nunito+Sans"; --primary-font: "Nunito Sans", sans-serif; }

    View the full CSS guide here.

  6. Report A Bug. You can also report a bug by pressing Control + Shift + F on any page.

  7. Files. You can preview files (that support web previewing) or download them. Try previewing or downloading a markdown version of this site:

Providing Feedback

You can contribute by providing feedback to help Halokeys improve our documentation.

The feedback widget is here! Try clicking on a thumbs up or down to watch the feedback widget expand.